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What is meant by Argon laser?

The Argon laser is a type of laser that is used in eye surgery to treat a number of eye conditions. These eye conditions majorly include glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and age-related macular degeneration.

What makes it better than simple eye surgery? Well, let me tell you, the argon laser emits a wavelength of light that is absorbed by the tissue in the eye. This allows the surgeon to target specific areas of the eye with great precision. Now the question remains, how does this laser surgery work?

An argon laser is a type of laser surgery that uses argon gas to produce light which is then used to treat and restore the damage. This laser can be used for many different purposes except for eye surgery. These common uses of argon lasers in Lahore include cutting and welding materials, treating medical conditions, and even making art.

The argon laser is a very versatile tool that can be used for a variety of different purposes. One of the most common uses for an argon laser in the field of ophthalmology is to treat internal eye problems in Pakistan. The laser can easily cut through different layers, without causing significant pain to the patient. Thus, this strength makes the argon laser a very useful tool for many different industries.

The argon laser can also be used to treat medical conditions. The laser can be used to treat many different conditions, including skin cancer, birthmarks, and wrinkles.

I know what you might be thinking, here’s what happens during the surgery!

The argon laser works by emitting a beam of light that is absorbed by the tissues that it comes into contact with. The light from the argon laser can penetrate deep into the eye. This, allows it to target the specific areas that need to be treated. The argon laser is very precise, and this allows it to be used to treat a number of different conditions without damaging the surrounding tissues.

Why Argon laser used to treat eye damage?

The core advantage of using any laser treatment over traditional surgery entails an easy process and quick recovery. 

However, with respect to argon laser surgery, the list of core advantages is as follows:
  • The potential advantage of argon laser therapy includes its precision i.e. its ability to penetrate deep into the eye. 
  • Argon laser ophthalmology is eminent due to its lack of side effects. 
  • The argon laser is also relatively affordable, which makes it a good option for many people.
  • This laser uses a wavelength of light that is absorbed by the tissue in the eye. Thus, argon laser treatment of retinal holes is another accomplishment of this surgery. 
  • The argon laser can also be used in conjunction with other lasers, such as the YAG laser for more vivid vision.
  • Argon laser surgery also retains reduced damage to surrounding tissue, which means that chances of disrupting any other area of the eyes are quite low. 
  • The Argon laser minimizes the damage to surrounding tissue. This is also helpful when performing surgery on sensitive areas, such as the retina. This is why argon lasers have proved to be the best treatment available for retinal holes. 
  • The reduced recovery time of this treatment makes it an impeccable choice for patients who are looking for a speedy recovery. The Argon laser can help reduce the recovery time after surgery. 
  • Reduced risk of infection is a favorable choice for people with multiple diseases at present. The Argon laser can help reduce the risk of further infections 
  • Side effects are what concern us the most about eye surgeries. Whether it be about laser treatment or traditional surgery! Thus, the argon laser can help reduce the side effects of surgery. 
  • Reduced risk of complications exists in argon laser surgery because the laser can target specific areas of the eye, thus, there is a reduced risk of complications and eye damage.
  • Linked with people of older age, the shorter surgery time of argon laser surgery is a winning edge over other treatments. It is typically shorter than traditional surgery, which can lead to a quicker recovery. 
  • Argon laser surgery is typically associated with less pain and discomfort than traditional surgery.

Where to get Argon laser treatment in Lahore?

Though the number of laser centers in nearby localities is increasing at a fast pace, you need to be highly selective. As the market progresses, the chances of getting scammed become even more prevalent. Thus, to avoid getting in trouble, let me suggest Suhail’s eye clinic Lahore as one of the best places to get an argon laser done! 

SUHAIL'S EYE HOSPITAL is an emerging name in the field of an ophthalmologist. The argon laser eye treatment here is performed by specialized doctors who have mastered the art of treating multiple eye conditions. 

To your relaxation, the number of successful cases has surpassed a significant number, thus reliable enough to provide detailed treatment. 
The advanced machinery and tools at the hospital make them an impeccable choice and the ultimate solution for all your eye problems. Book your appointment now!


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Services Available


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