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Prof. Dr. Suhail Sarwar

Why should you get YAG laser?

YAG Laser treatment is a type of laser eye surgery to remove the vitreous gel that is found in the eye. 

It is also known as YAG laser refractive surgery and has been performed since the late 90s.

The YAG laser is a type of high-energy light that is used to treat various conditions, including cataracts, glaucoma, etc. 

The YAG laser in Lahore works by heating the gel within your eye's vitreous chamber (the clear fluid that fills your eyeball) until it becomes thin enough.  

It is done so that the consistency allows it to be pushed out of your eye. 

The procedure for performing YAG Laser treatment in Pakistan involves placing drops in your eyes so that you can see clearly during the procedure. 

You will then lie on a bed with your eyes open for about 15 minutes while the doctor uses his hand-held machine to apply heat to the gel inside your eye using laser technology. 

The doctor will then use a probe to gently push out any remaining pieces of vitreous and replace them with saline solution before removing a small piece of bone from behind your eyeball with an arthroscopic tool. 

Do you know what else? The YAG laser has been shown to be safe and effective for treating these conditions without harmful side effects. YAG laser is an FDA-approved treatment for eye redness and inflammation. 

YAG laser treatment is a non-invasive procedure that uses only light and heat to correct the appearance of problems with your eyes.

Why use a YAG laser for the eyes?

I know this is what you have been thinking. Let me tell you, you are not alone in this. 

YAG eye surgery is preferred as it's a noninvasive procedure that uses light to deliver intense heat to the surface of the cornea/ 

YAS laser treatment further helps to reduce the redness and swelling that can result from certain eye conditions, thus easing the pain and complicated life for the patient. 

There are several different types of eye lasers, each with its benefits and drawbacks. The most common type is called erbium-YAG (YAG) laser. 

It is a treatment that acts like a miniature version of an endoscope (a device that can be used to look inside your body for internal problems like cancerous tumors or infections). 

When used on the eyes, it can work for several eye conditions such as the YAG laser for PCO also known as (YAG capsulotomy). 

The YAG laser treatment takes about 20 minutes and uses topical anesthesia (lidocaine) to numb the skin around your eyes. When performed through YAG laser ellex the result appear far better. 

It is also done so that you don't feel any pain during or after the procedure. You may experience mild discomfort afterward because of soreness. 

The YAG laser uses a low-power laser that emits energy at a wavelength between 405 and 488 nm (nanometers). The laser target is the outer layer of the cornea, which makes the process even smoother and easier to recover. 

Want to more about the impeccable technology, here are the pros of getting YAG treatment done

  • It’s easy to operate and maintain
  • It's also cost-effective and affordable
  • The technology has multiple modes of operation thus your experience can be personalized as per your needs and requirement. 
  • This technology can deal with issues that a traditional laser treatment can't handle.

Where to get the YAG laser done from?

Though many ophthalmologists are practicing in nearby areas but let me tell you something. No matter which treatment you go for, if it's not done right, it serves no usage. 

Thus, Suhail’s eye hospital Lahore is one of the best YAG laser clinics and recommended places for all eye concerns. 

By using modern technology and advanced methods, they have changed the laser game all across Pakistan. The ophthalmologists in the hospital have a very vast experience and expertise in dealing with a diverse range of cases. 

Thus, there exists the maximum potential for doctors to meet your unique demands as well. 

Are you looking for laser treatment after cataract surgery? Well, this place is the best available option to get all your vision problems sorted out!

If you are looking for an eye clinic, where your health, well-being, and safety are taken care of, then eye hospital Lahore is the one for you!


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Services Available


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