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Retina Care


Prof. Dr. Suhail Sarwar

All you need to know about retina care!

Our eyes are the source that allows us to observe and see. Ranging from the most mundane sights to something very extraordinary. 

Many people don't have an understanding of the mechanism, or how the eye makes it possible. Let me be honest with you!

The main part of the eye which makes vision possible is very small in size but crucial in functionality. This part is known as the retina. 

Many people in Pakistan are unaware of how essential is it to perform retina eye care for having good eyesight. When this minuscule part of the eye gets damaged or either catch an infection, it can cause a wide range of vision problems including total blindness as well. 

A thin light-sensitive layer of nerves at the back of the eye is known as the retina. The retinal membrane contains a number of rods and cons which are responsible for color and vision in dim light.

When light rays enter the eye, it passes from the iris to the retina. The images are then focused and converted into electrical impulses. These impulses are carried to the brain resulting in vision. 

Based on how important the retina is in forming images, retina eye care is undeniable. Retina specialists in Lahore at the retina eye care center are skilled to diagnose retinal problems through the use of technical equipment and testing. 

Why you should take care of your eye retina? 

We all know that our quality of vision changes as we grow up. It can become difficult to focus on little details or to see clearly. 

Many people in Pakistan assume that poor vision and aging go hand in hand, which is true but it doesn't mean that it cannot happen before you age. 

Retina health care is extremely important at all stages of life. Beginning from periods of youth till late adulthood. Retinal scarring, retinal detachments, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and many more such complications occur due to negligence. 

How many times have you been to a retina care hospital? I am sure, not more than once! If this statement is true for you then make sure to visit the doctor as soon as possible. 

Retinal specialists in Lahore can help you identify any chances of retinal problems and cure them before they get worse. Here's why u should take care of your retina!


  • Damage to the retina can cause blurred and distorted vision.
  • Lack of treatment can cause total blindness. 
  • Defects in side vision
  • Retinal tears
  • Retinal detachment
  • Floaty vision

Retina care clinics not only identify retinal conditions but also provide in-time treatment to stop further damage. Ranging from age-related retina problems to retinal detachment and eye cancers as well. 

Thus, it’s important to say that plan your vision health by scheduling an appointment with a retina specialist. This is to say as good vision health can be retained when problems are caught at earlier stages. 

When should I visit the retina eye care center?

When it comes to retina health, time is the key! Patients need to seek medical care as timely as possible. Here are some of the symptoms to know when to visit the retina vision center. 


  • Blurriness
  • Distorted vision
  • Strain or fatigue while doing basic activities
  • Blurriness
  • Frequent changes in the lens prescription
  • Changes in night vision
  • Pain and sensitivity to light
  • Flashes 
  • Reduced peripheral vision
  • Inability to focus

The longer these symptoms exist without proper attention, the more time you take to get treatment for the condition, and the more likely it is to lose at least part of the vision or complete vision in extreme cases. 

This especially applies to the flashes and floater symptoms, which indicate a medical emergency and immediate checkup. In case you are experiencing any such symptoms, start looking for a retina hospital near me, to find one in the closest locality. 

In many cases, when diagnosed and treated early, retinal conditions can be successfully managed and vision can both be preserved and restored.

I know what you might be thinking, how to find a retina eye clinic near me? Read ahead to know more about it!

Where to book an appointment with a retina eye doctor near me?

Well, there are many online platforms available that connect you with the best doctors available in your locality.

However, let me tell you finding a retina eye doctor near me isn't as easy. When you try to book an appointment online, there are many chances of fraudulent work going in the background. 

When it comes to something as sensitive as the retina, you can simply risk putting your vision at risk.  Thus here's a tip for you! 

SUHAIL'S EYE HOSPITAL is one the renowned hospital with the best ophthalmologists there. The professionals are highly equipped with vast experience and modern tools to provide efficient treatment. 

Retina care consultants working here are diligent enough in the work they provide. Ophthalmologists use procedures that are extremely sophisticated and effective which include delicate surgeries to restore the damage done to the most delicate part of the eye, called the retina. 


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Services Available


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