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Eye Examination


Prof. Dr. Suhail Sarwar

What is an Eye Examination?

“Of all the senses, sight must be the most delightful”

Well, no one can deny the fact that eyes are what make us feel alive. Thus, deserve appropriate care and examination like another important thing in your life! 

A routine eye examination is the screening process to help diagnose common eye diseases. The proper eye examination is a technical process and requires crucial skills to be done correctly. 

Let me tell you that many eye diseases are asymptomatic while they do serious ocular damage to the eye. Performing routine eye examination in Pakistan enables the examiner to identify silent ocular complaints. 

Not only this! But the examination can also help in providing the correct referral to an ophthalmologist so that the problem receives the timely care and treatment it requires! 

Unlike the common assumption that nothing you do can reverse the damage done to your vision, an eye examination can always save you from extra hassle. Let me be honest with you that it's important to get your examination done when:


  • Experiencing vision or eye-related problems 
  • Looking for early detection and treatment of eye problems that may affect you in the long run if not diagnosed timely 
  • You have a family history of known eye diseases
  • Diagnosed with systematic diseases which are known to affect eyes such as diabetes mellitus etc. 

Want to know the reasons for failure in eye treatments? The most common misperception that no care is needed was found to be the most common reason for not seeking eye examinations among people over 40 years of age. 

Some common types of examination you should know about!  

Visual acuity test

Visual acuity is a measure that can tell how well a person can identify objects, shapes, or letters at a given distance from the eye. You would probably have gone through this test in your school's health office. 

One may require this test if he/she is experiencing a problem with vision. Sometimes the distance at which one can differentiate between two stimuli has changed. Thus, a visual acuity test can save your vision problem from getting worse. 

Fundoscopic exam

Since the retina of the eye is the only portion of the central nervous system which is visible from the outside, thus it can depict a lot about the overall health of the individual. 

This is where a fundoscopic exam does the job! The fundoscopic exam can uncover pathologies that are not visible otherwise. These pathologies may include endocarditis, diabetes, and hypertension 

This test further screens out any eye problem in the subject such as glaucoma, eye cancer, eye injury, or problem with optic nerves. 

Slit lamp examination 

Eye examination aims at not only checking if your eyes pass the visual acuity test rather it is determining if your eyes are healthy. Thus, many ophthalmologists use slit lamp examination for this. 

A slit lamp is a device with several different pieces of equipment. When you visit a doctor, they usually ask you to remove your glasses and put your chin on an arc base and look into the microscope. That device is known as a slit lamp. 


Slit lamp examination is usually a part of your regular eye examination. It is done to examine details of the eye from both inside and outside to determine the overall health of your eyes. 

Dilated eye exam 

As the name suggests, this exam entails dilation as a crucial part of the eye examination. The exam is painless and simple. 

Your doctor would use eye drops to dilate your pupil to check for eye diseases that are only visible through a dilated eye exam. 

Dilation helps in the clear observation of internal eye regions thus it helps in the early identification of problems that may get worse and cause vision problems. 

Confrontation visual field test

It’s another simple yet highly specific test to check the peripheral vision of the client for abnormalities. Without the need for expensive equipment, this test is performed via fingers alone. 

A doctor may sit in front of you and check for your peripheral vision by asking you to cover your right eye and tell the number of fingers he may be showing to you. Since a number of eye problems can affect peripheral vision, thus confrontation visual field tests cannot be avoided. 

Optic nerve examination  

Optic nerve examination specifically focuses on the optic disc where the optic nerves enter the retina of the eye. This exam includes visual acuity, visual field, and analysis of color perception to screen out any eye problem present in the subject. 

Eye refraction test  

During this assessment, your doctor would ask you to look through glasses with lenses of different strengths to determine which gives the clearest vision. 

An eye refraction test is a measure to prescribe the strength of eyeglasses or lenses which may focus light directly onto the retina to provide clear vision. 

Where to get an eye examination in Lahore?

Now that you have substantial information about eye examinations, I know what you might be thinking! Where to find the best eye examination near me? 

When it comes to something as sensitive as eyes, you cannot just trust anyone who claims to know about it! Skilled and expert professionals are whom you should consult!

SUHAIL'S EYE HOSPITAL Lahore is a name you can trust! The hospital is known for best ophthalmologists, who are committed and devoted to their job. 

In order to proceed with the eye examination in the right manner, an expert must know the internal and external ocular structures of the normal eye. 

Highly qualified and experienced professionals take a moment to find the correct diagnosis, which can put you on the right track to recovery. Thus, the hospital is widely known for detailed eye examinations in Lahore.


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