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Squint Surgery


Prof. Dr. Suhail Sarwar

Do you know this about squint eye?

A squint is a known eye condition in Pakistan in which one eye is turned inward and away from the other eye. 

The condition, also known as strabismus, can be separate or in combination with nearsightedness or farsightedness.

If your child has a squint and they are having trouble seeing the board during school hours, you must get them checked out by an ophthalmologist. Treatment for squints in Lahore includes surgery which will reduce their symptoms.

A squint correction through surgery is the ultimate treatment available for squint eyes in Pakistan. Blinking and not being able to see things as many people do, can be a real pain. 

If you or your children have been dealing with a problem like this, don’t worry anymore! 

Squint surgery is the perfect way to fix your eyes once and for all. The best time for squint eye correction is to get the surgery done between 3-5 years of age. 

The surgery only takes half an hour, and the pain is minimal (although some people do experience temporary side effects).

How is Squint surgery performed?

A squint surgery begins with a regular checkup by the doctor, who will look for signs that your vision problems have worsened. Some of the symptoms of mandatory squint surgery may include the following:


  • Double vision
  • Blurring of eyesight 
  • Difficulty to focus
  • Difficulty to interpret objects at different distances

Following this initial assessment and diagnosis, an ophthalmologist will perform a squint eye surgery to fix the problem. In some cases, there may be no need for surgery as medication can resolve motion sickness without any pain or downtime.

The squint operation can be done with open or closed eyes. To correct a squint, your eye muscles need to be trained and strengthened 

Do you know what else? Many times people are born with congenital squints, however, in some other cases, the condition develops later in life when the individual is affected with myopia or hyperopia, etc. 

A squint may have been caused by trauma or an illness as well such as Sjogren's syndrome or Lyme disease. A squint may also be present due to aging changes in the muscles of the face that cause loose skin. 

However, the question remains, which is the most prevalent cause of squint? Let me tell you, the most common type of squint is "ptotic" where both eyes deviate inward. 

Many people who suffer from ptotic squints were mildly short-sighted when they were born so their eyes were drawn inward as they grew, resulting in permanent vision problems of varying degrees.

If you are dealing with a similar eye condition, reach out to the best ophthalmologist for timely treatment of the condition.

Where to find a reliable squint doctor?

Eye doctors carry a great responsibility. Their knowledge and expertise can make a lot of difference between vision and blindness. 

While many believe ophthalmologists as eye doctors alone, a reliable and credible doctor can reveal to you much more than just telling you what's wrong with the eyes. 

Thus, choosing the right doctor for squint eye surgery in Pakistan should never be taken lightly. SUHAIL'S EYE HOSPITAL is one such place with the best and most experienced ophthalmologists

I know what you might be thinking! How to find the best squint eye specialist near me? Well here are some tips to determine if you are at the right place for it! 


  • You need to find an ophthalmologist for surgery rather than an optometrist
  • If you are already discussing with the optometrist, ask for their referral for ophthalmologists as they specialize in surgical procedures.
  • Research about required credentials of a good ophthalmologist to determine if you are in the right hands. 
  • Look for the experience they have in a particular niche
  • Explore specialists who are well familiar with treatment options such as squint eye treatment without surgery (if possible). 
  • Identify your comfort level with an ophthalmologist. If you feel safe and sure enough to let them perform surgery on you.

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Services Available


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