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Cornea Transplant


Prof. Dr. Suhail Sarwar

Here's what you should know about cornea transplants! 

The frontal layer of the eye is known as the cornea. Many vision-related problems emerge due to infections of the cornea such as an individual suffering from a damaged or scarred cornea. 

The cornea transplant thereby is an effective treatment for restoring vision. The treatment is done by replacing the damaged cornea with a healthy cornea, provided by the donor.  

In other words, the corneal transplant surgery in Pakistan is performed by removing the damaged cornea which is then replaced by healthy cornea tissues. The process is sometimes also known as keratoplasty. 

One of the leading reasons for a cornea transplant in Lahore is the condition known as keratoconus which causes the cornea to change shape. Since it is an opening of the eye, from where light enters in. 

Thus, changing shape results in distorted light rays entering the eye. Thus, keratoplasty is performed to restore damaged cornea with a healthy cornea to improve vision. 

I know what you might be wondering! What else is the advantage of getting a corneal transplant done? Here are some of the benefits listed for you!

  • Cure inherited eye diseases 
  • Restore damage or problems caused by earlier eye operations. 
  • Resolves to thin, clouding, and swelling of the cornea 
  • Corneal ulcers and sores
  • Cornea scarring is also removed 
However, you should know as all types of surgeries entail risks, a cornea transplant does the same! These risks most commonly include the body's rejection of the new cornea which can be resolved through cross-match before performing the surgery. 

Types of corneal transplant

The cornea transplant either removes partial thickness or the entire thickness of the damaged cornea or then replaces it with healthy tissues obtained from the donor.

Based on the unique needs of the individual, the doctor would decide which process to opt for. Here are some of the common types of transplants available! 

Penetrating Keratoplasty 

As the name suggests, this operation penetrates deep into the thickness of the cornea. It is done by removing the full thick cornea from the eye. 

The damaged cornea is cut with great precision in penetrating keratoplasty to remove a small button-sized corneal tissue from the eye. 

The next step is to replace it with a donor cornea. The donor cornea, fit in size is placed into the opening. 

In order to keep the new cornea in place, your surgeon may use stitches thinner than hair. The stitches can then be removed in later visits to your doctor. 

Lamellar Keratoplasty

There comes two different types of keratoplasty lamellar that comes under this category. Based on the damage done to the cornea, the type of transplant varies. 

The first type, superficial anterior lamellar keratoplasty replaces only the frontal layer or the cornea. The transplant is simple and quick as it doesn't extend into the endothelium layer. 

This second type, deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty, is also referred to as a partial thickness cornea transplant.  

The eye transplant is performed by injecting air so that the outermost and middle layers of the cornea can be lifted off and separated. These layers are then removed without going deeper into the inner layers. 

People with corneal damage which haven’t reached into the inner layers may take this treatment for better vision. 

DALK comes with a shorter healing time as the cuts have not been made deep into the layers. Moreover, there also be fewer chances of any infection and corneal rejection in this type of transplant. 

Where to find the best corneal transplant service?

Just as another crucial decision in life, deciding whom to trust for our ability to see, can be really daunting. 

Although it’s common that at first, your vision might be worse than it was before the transplant. The eye also needs time to adjust to the new cornea. It can take days or months to fully adjust. 

When it heals, your eye doctor will make adjustments that can improve your vision. Thus, the right doctor is what you need for the best experience. Qualified and experienced cornea surgeons get to know by mere sight, what changes need to be made. 

Suhail’s eye hospital Lahore has performed dozens of corneal transplant surgery by providing quality and integrated care to patients. 

While ensuring high quality and standard in donor corneal investigation, harvestation, and transplantation, everything is done by giving extreme detail and attention to the little factors. 

The top Ophthalmologists of the hospital are qualified at both international and national levels. Thus the experts work as a unified and qualified team of consultants to serve the maximum benefit to the patients. 

Looking for the best corneal transplant in Lahore Pakistan? Well, the experts at our eye hospital are specialized in diagnosing & treating cornea disorders and infections. 

For all the complications which may be part of the corneal transplant. Make sure to choose the right ophthalmologist for your eye health. Head over to the website to know more about it!


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